What we do?

Analyze the competitors and work based the structure and improving their header tags to give their content a better structure, however, which results in a better user experience as well as improved relevance in the search results. Modification of the site pages HTML to include Meta Tags, revised Site Title and Alt Statements with site images where applicable. Site re-engineering to optimize the entire site with site content/navigation with appropriate keyword weight age. Methodical hand submission to Google adhering to their submission cycles.

Analyze current SEO status (focus on standard methods) Prioritize (based upon current state analysis) Perform keyword research Identify target keywords (consider search volume; business goals; brand; user roles; purchase phases; etc) Implement improvements in standard method Add targeted content.

Your website keywords tags are at 18% on your site because you have every page with the same words and you site have pages in which these keywords are completely irrelevant to that particular page. Another thing is you are only using about a small fraction of what you could be using, you have 75% more character space to fill which means creating more possible ways for someone to land on your site.

Your overall seo score is listed at 18%, which is because of what we have mentioned about as well as some of the distribution, indexing, and robots tags are not present as well. I feel that these issues would be a focus point in the increase of your site traffic.